A new Duka from Kersi Rustomji ex St Teresa's

This year, I am sending to the ex-East African friends, 
​ and the diaspora,​
 my second graphic, of an Indian duka,
 which I just finished a few minutes ago. An East African icon of our pioneering
people, whose effort, finally laid the path for the economic growth of East Africa 
​, and deserve a place in East African history​

This particular duka was inspired by the duka of Krishna, at Kibwezi. In 1950s, I spent many late
night arrival at Kibwezi, on his shop verandah; it was across from the Kibwezi Police Station. He would say to me, 'Kersi tu jungl mei hi marega.' 'Kersi you will die in the jungle.'

It is set in the typical Kibwezi bush background, with two mbuyu baobab trees, typical of the area, visible. Also, the typically dried bush backs onto a clump of acacias on the right, below the cloudy sky. Steps rise to the well worn verandah timber floor, leading to door. The hasp is open, but the door is shut to keep
out the flies.The rear right shows the cement block extension to the living area of the duka.

A blue shirt, two kitenge 
​ -​
 cotton wraps 
 a pair of suruwali, shorts, and
a shirt hang under the roof. A panga, a hoe, a red fez and a bucket also hang for display.

A SHELL sign hangs
on a left pillar. The OTC and Kenya Creamery signs
lean against the mabati, corrugated iron, shop wall. A bag of kunde sits next to the Creamery sign.

A bag of potatoes is on the right of the centre pillar, next to which is a box with
Simba Chai. Two boxes with greens are vegetables that Krishna grew to sell to the
White police inspector, and the Indian staff of the Dwa Plantations, away
to the right of the store. 

Left of the SHELL  sign is a hand operated petrol pump, with its glass
indicator. The soil in front of the store is the dreaded black cotton soil of the area, in which many
motorists became bogged during the rainy season.

A Kamba couple stands  by the store, and on the right of the man is a small termite hill. 
​ The Kambas frequented Kibwezi to shop, work, or take the train to Nairobi or Mombasa.​

Many motorists stoped at Krishna's duka for petrol and chai, makati na siyagi, tea and two slices of bread and butter, or soft drinks.  

Hope it stirs some memories.
​Reghards to all.
 Kwaheri for now...

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ps this graphic is printable for framing. 
​It is reduced to meet the computer limitations
of recipients. Enlarge it to suit you.​
prema, shanti,ahinsa... 

upendo,raha, latifu...
Only One Human Race... 

we are all related​...
sisi nzote ni ndugu​...
Kersi Rustomji.Planet Earth. ex-Kenya. Australia.